Captive #
Hating Their Guts
War Hero
Charlie *
My Enemies
If You Must
V +
I Can't Fly *

Barry Corman -- vocals, guitar, bass guitar
Derrick Miles -- guitar and vocals
T-Stretchsack -- bass guitar
Steven Baker -- drums, programming, vocals

All Songs Written by Barry Corman, Performed by Frequency Lost
"Mortician", "Chamber", "Captive", "Deadbaby", "Hating Their Guts", "War Hero", "My Enemies", "If You Must", and "Stupid" written 1997-1998.
"Charlie", "V", and "I Can't Fly" written 2000-2002.
# Contains excerpt from Jimi Hendrix's "1983...(A Merman I Should Turn To Be)"
* Lyrics by Barry Corman and Music by Derrick Miles & T-Stretchsack
+ Written by Barry Corman and T-Stretchsack.

Produced by Steven Baker and Frequency Lost
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Mutt Studios in Nicholasville, KY.

Audio sample from Mortician taken from the motion picture "Dawn of the Dead" © 1978
Audio sample from If You Must taken from the motion picture "Ed Wood" © 1994

stitched up all my cuts
stopped the running of my blood
three slugs gone through my head
i bled

and the knife pierced my jaw
the gun handle smashed my skull
but when you hit me with
your car

i'm hurt...kill me

they did marvelous work
my face constructed back to health
every time i pull at myself
won't wake

i'm dead...

why'd you have to go off and kill
it really hurt underneath the wheel
they say that when you die you cannot even feel
but it really hurt underneath the wheel

i'm dead...bring me back

i don't know about you
but i'm going to be sick
sometime my heart's gonna stop
but I just want you

you are way to good for me
and i'm way to good for you
i hate myself for being your voodoo
but I just want you

now you are gone forever
and i waited that length of time that is forever
I hate that i made myself suffer
but I just want you

when the moonbeams hit my cuts
I see myself bleeding to death
why didnít you come to stitch me up
why why why.
Why didnít you to tell me stuff
like I just want you

how could i seem so far away;
i am sitting beside you
i wish the world would blow away;
and we were the only ones left
could it be that I'm so scared;
i don't want to dis her
i have no clue as to what to do;
would somebody freakin' say it

torturing myself is what i do best;
he gave me the dick but none of the rest
why can't i tell her how i feel;
why is this pain, this pain so real

as long as i have this thing in my head;
i will never heal right
please, please,please get out of my brain;
stop before i go insane
the papers read he was only 17;
way too young to know what love means

the place i want to be is my cell;
the heavy hell in which i dwell
i can sit or pace whatever i choose;
sitting here alone with my blues

ďHooray i awake from yesterday
alive but the war is here to stay
So my love,catherina and me
decide to take our last walk through noise to the sea;
Not to die but to be reborn,
away from lands so battered and torn

My baby's gone to heaven;
My baby's gone forever
Her eyes they shined and glittered;
Her body made me shake and quiver

My baby's hair is so bright;
My baby lights up the sky
Her skin felt warm and toasty;
Her lips were wet and glossy

címon baby just for me;
no one can have you only me
Iím down here while youíre up there;
ďdo you think I really care?Ē

My baby's face was so right;
My baby's face haunts me at night
Her voice it, breaks me down;
seeing her now, i would lose my mind

My baby's gone to heaven
And I put her there...

Hating Their Guts
for whom this song I wrote - i love you; youíre my dog
never drifted apart - never drifted apart
I got your back and you got mine
youíre my best friend till the end of time

we done some crazy shit; you know thatís a fact
trying to survive - trying to survive
I help you out; youíre starting to help me
donít worry you didnít turn them against me

when others got sick; you weíre the one they hit
sorry for that; i showed no love--total lack
i came back around; to find no frown
nothing has happened just a waste some years

War Hero
i wish for you the best of luck
i hope it works out nicely
i pray for you to see no blood
that would be the end of you dear friend
iím so happy today i got your letter
it sounds like you are having a good time
I pray for you a safe trip home
i would like to see my war hero

bloodshed is not needed
i kill for you almost everyday
iím not doing any more dirty work
now itís time do it yourself

so proud today i feel so much better
how many did you leave for dead
not many could pull the trigger so much
i guess you had the golden touch
you have your purple heart what a start
one hundred dropped way more than charles
i hope that you see it through
and kill all that they want you to

bloodshed is not needed
i kill for you by force of habit
i have to do all your dirty work
I have programmed myself

So donít be bringin any weak shit.
Iíll beat that shit, feel my fists hit.
Fuck you up bad, praying for your dad,
that big head yo, itís just making me mad.
Better move it out the way, bitch.
Stick it up in old dykeís snatch.
Eat the tuna up and shut the fuck up,
if I hear you talk, you better wears you a cup.
And a helmet to match cause Iím coming.
Donít matter which way you take off running,
Iím on it.

Iíll be on your gold-plated sneakers,
donít turn around bitch.

I will beat your punk ass if you
hurt her one more time, pray to god.

Now I hear you trying to dog me out
now what the fuck is this all about.
When I speak, I speakth the truth,
donít be messing around you ainít no sleuth.
You wonít find anything on me, trick.
Moiís not the one carryin around Mr. 5 Minute Dick.
If not satisfying is the name of the game,
then that is the sport from which you get your fame.
And donít start blowing more shit out your jaw,
guaranteed youíll be eating that dyke through a straw.

My Enemies
My most hated enemies are my best friends.
You might even say theyíre my skin.
The more friends I get, it makes me tough.
Insideís a soft cadaver but outsideís rough.

My enemies
are my closest friends.

Sometimes they piss me off theyíre stupid like that.
But once a while theyíre as quiet as a cat.
Talking to themís like a busted condom, it all comes out.
they donít trust as much and they have doubts.

All die with me.

If You Must
hard candy is too hard for me,
sugar daddies hurt my teeth.
The smokes make me cough.
The pistol is too hard to cock.

Every time I sit alone would you...

dirty me up
if you must.

Everyoneís so polite to me.
when I want to be left to soak.

One horrible thing in my dream
is how low you must look to find me.
You may have to search everywhere,
take a walk, fall down a flight of stairs.
Look for the man with sores,
empty hands, body full of spores.
Family no more,
his young niece died last week.

You gave your blood
but give me the why.

And the cancer spread all through my brain,
all hope was lost along the way.
Dream told me a secret yesterday,
he said weíre all alone.
And I sighed with relief as I
left his home in the light.
Back to the losing battle
that I do not fight.

Why must we live,
why not just never begin?

I wonít remember what youíve done
only that you betrayed by trust.
I thought you could fight the norm
but youíre just one more fuckhead.


I Can't Fly
Today I walked by myself,
as yesterday and the day before.
The rain hits me and no one else.
An umbrella dying to be shared.
Sitting on a bench gazing around.
Only birds searching the floor,
but they need worms to survive...
if only worms were all I needed.

But I canít fly.
Instead I just remain alone.

Today I walked by myself.
As yesterday and the day before.
Days keeping rolling and I keep going.
A young heart dying to be shared.






The Real "Retarded" Lyrics

Yayess Yayess.

Yayess Yayess!
Yayess Yayess!

I wont remember what you've done.
Only that you've betrayed my trust.

I wont remember what you've done.
Only that you sucked my balls and you're a fuckhead.

I wont remember what you've done.
Only that you, betrayed my muthafuckin trust!

All you muthafuckers can suck my balls!
Then you frisk my pants? Fuckhead.

Stupid Retarded, Stupid Retarded, Stupid Retarded, Stup....
Whooo! Whooo!


Yayess Balls!

Yayess Yayess!

Stupid Retarded!

I wont remember what you've done.
Only that you've betrayed my trust.
I wont remember what you've done.

Very Retarded, Whoo! Retarded.
I'm sucking my own balls right now.
Sucking my own balls and licking my own asshole out.
That's fucking stupid Whooo!

Yay-Yay-Yayess, I do believe, do believe.

Oh yeah.
Oh yes there Steve oh yes there Steve.

Uh.... Licking my own....