Well I'll be, these lazy bastards decided to add more worthless crap:
Read all the info below this for basic descriptions on what craziness you're actually listening to:

My Enemies (space vacuum mix)
Not to Break You

OK, now some explanation as to the crap above here:
"My Enemies (spaces vacuum mix)" was a recording or sort of a impromptu jam session between Steve and Barry deciding to rerecord "My Enemies" to their tastes. Only main thing different, besides the Big Muff Pi guitar pedal, while sounds good with some music, sounds like total ass on this song (hey its my site and I say what I want haha), is the little guitar part added during the break, enjoy!

"Not to Break You" is a song Barry wrote a lil while back, he didn't really want to try to record it, but since we were up there with all the gear ready, he decided to give it a go. Due to no practice of the vocals, and no real permanent structure Barr-Tron was happy with, we scrapped it, but it still is a cool song, and has a nice mix of live and digital drums thanks to Steve.

"D.T.V.I.M.H." Ohhh last but not least. This is a rather funny song, we recorded it a long long time ago, maybe 4 to 6 years ago? With the then current dummer Paul (Shug-Shay). So you will notice some pretty bland sounding drums and instruments due to a crude and shitty recording set up back then. So anyways, this is a song T-Stretchsack wrote, well the bass line, then we decided to try and add some guitars and drums to it, and whoops... we forgot about vocals. No one had any clue what kind of vocal track to put on this beast, so what do you do? Improvise! All four of us... me (Paco sometimes known as Derrick), Barr-Tron (sometimes known as Barry), Todd (sometimes known as T-Stretchsack or Tobias), and Paul (Shug-Shay) all got on, with some sick crazy vocal effects on both microphones (Me and Paul shared a mic, while Barr and T-Stretchsack shared one) just went to town, screaming, yelling, singing old written down lyrics to who knows what songs, and just saying whatever comes to mind. Thus we recorded this, mixed it, laughed a bit, loved the eerie dark feel to it, but didn't know what to call it. We mentioned it sounded like creepy voices a crazy person would hear, so me, currently watching a biography of that sick bastard Kip Kinkle, and remembering him saying "Damn These Voices In My Head" during a police interview, I brought it up, and it stuck. Since then, we brought it back up in the recording program (DDClipPro, the greatest PC multitrack software ever!) and added some deep breathing, heartbeat, and creepy backwards voices at the end. At any rate, Enjoy!

Screw the samples, I feel like uploading some full length songs.

My Enemies
I Can't Fly

All 6 of these songs are from our upcoming release "I Can't Fly".
We're still working on getting back into the studio (now my parents basement) to record three of our newest songs, and I think some of our best. I have uploaded 6 full length songs in near finished condition, including my two favorites "I Can't Fly" and "Retarded" Enjoy!

Hey, all bands have desktop wallpaper!!