NEW SITE TEST !!!Update!!!

So... yeah. Steven got time to come back to do some practicin n jammin and the like. So well, thats what we are doing. We got this crazy guy named Wally helping out with guitars and song writing, otherwise known as WallDonkey. Barry says he looks like Beavis but I just don't see it, and he's pretty damn crazy, almost as crazy as me but alas such is not possible. I might update some crap on the main page, cya!

I got lazy, and really didn't want all the songs on the site, so I upped a few (6 really), but now I'm gonna upload some of the unreleased songs: "DTVIMH", "Not to Break You", and an old version Barr-Tron and Thteven made of My Enemies, and if yer really lucky, I will put up "I'm a Cooter, You're a Cunnilingus".... but seeing as that song is so dear to our hearts and really emotional (Barr-Tron cries in it, not as much as he does during "Charlie", but he really does). Ah shit, I almost forgot, we got our old "Claw/Harvested/Frequency Lost" or whatever banner out, its hot action, but its like 4 feet long, so if I feel up to scanning it, you will see it on the download/music page.


If you're looking for new home of the Frequency Lost page,
just click the image below.


Some NWN pics for you kiddies 

that wanna see em ; ).


Now for a lil image manipulation that took me all of about 5 minutes.
This image was where we were at a B.G.M.U.T.B. headquarters and blew it up.
It was great fun believe me, to see all those B.G.M.U.T.B.'s blown to bits just made my day, hope u likes : ).
Ya we blew it the fuk up, whatcha gonna do about it Oregami Man?